Which SEO Company should I trust ?


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Best SEO Company - WebinovaHi there ! “Which SEO Company should I trust ?”; it’s certainly the first question that comes to your mind when you’re looking to hire a Search Engine Optimization Company to render you online marketing services.

Remember: Never trust an Online Marketing Company that guarantees you 100% Organic Search Result or TOP 10 RANKINGS ON GOOGLE.

Know the technicality of Search Engine Optimization first !

Firstly: No SEO Company can GUARANTEE you on behalf of Google

Yes ! Any SEO company that guarantees you 100% results, is in no way a company directly under the Google Quality Search team or is its undertaking. So, guaranteeing in the name of Google is absolutely fake. How can an external company guarantee 100% rankings on Google, when Google itself refrains or denies guaranteeing on such points. Google neither takes any money nor it promotes any company’s business, its products or services in organic search results.

“Organic Search Result” itself explains literally that it’s a natural ranking & visibility on search engines and not a paid advertise to Google. However, Google promotes via Google Adwords, which is a Paid Advertisement.

Secondly: Guaranteeing of Partial Results is possible & trustworthy attempt by SEO agencies

SEO companies that guarantee you partial results, for e.g. if an SEO company says that it will achieve first page rankings for 4-5 of your given keywords out of some 10 keywords, it can be trusted. This is a guarantee based on the past experience of the companies, working for clients from various industry verticals. Thus experienced companies make it really happen. What you should look for is that the company you hire has a minimum experience of 5 years minimum.

Thirdly: Google’s algorithm keep changing every now and then !

To make better the user experience, the Google Quality Search Team keeps track of spamming techniques being used by several SEO agencies. Know it, that SEO companies may go to any level to fetch you the top 10 rankings. Beware! Ask them to use ethical methods of ranking only, or else you might end up your site being listed in the Spammers directory. The recovery then gets really really difficult.

It happens many a times that the SEO team works its best & gets you on Google’s first page, but then suddenly you see a fallout. You observer that your site site is thrown away to lower pages. Probably, you might be hit by a Google Penalty revision. In no case, you can blame the SEO team or the company. The reason being that Google’s search algorithm is not bound to maintain your rankings because you’ve done lot of hard work ranking your site on top, beating all competition.

Fourthly: The Race to be on the first page – the competition !

When every other company in your industry wants to be on the first page, on the first rank, you know it’s kinda really tough to hold the rank there. While it may take only a few months, about 4-6 months time to rank on first page, it often takes a long time to maintain the first page rank. Fluctuations between Top 10 ranks cannot be assured, as it keeps changing very dynamically. However, you must insist on maintaining the first page.

A few years back, most of the business owner knew nothing about Search Engines, Social Media and other stuff, but with a handful of online campaigns now, as new companies are opting for Online Marketing techniques, the competition will get more tough over time. But, the old is gold as it goes & if you start SEO & link building early then by the time your competitors identify your marketing strategy, you’ll have many backlinks built & popularity will be gained too. So get started with SEO now.

We here at Webinova are waiting for you to join the “Online Marketing Era” ! Come on !

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